Go…Take a Walk

Hello there Friends; At the moment, I am swamped with editing deadlines for my manuscript. So I thought I’d re-post a previous blog from last summer. Though it may be off season, the sentiment applies for really any time of year. Enjoy and I’ll be back soon…Cheers!


I am loving being outside this summer.

I’ve been walking a lot to begin the day and to keep the young ones busy and have found it unbelievably fulfilling.

There is something to walking that you can’t get from driving or running or rollerblading. It’s a tangible intimacy that brings you up close and literally down to earth. With a trail beneath your feet and a vastness of discovery ahead, you cannot help but become enraptured with every single step.

A walk can take you far beyond your ordinary experience and inspire you in subtle ways. The majesty in the greenery, the breeze against your face, a rocky unknown trail, you feel free and in control of the direction you choose.

There is a path we love to explore that leads us along the water, passed beautiful waterfront properties, a playground and plenty of lush trees.

But my favourite spot is a lovely gardened nook book-ended by a stone archway. This small circular detour is dedicated to the memory of lost loved ones as seen by the engraved plaques inserted within the cobblestone. Lives lived and lost all around us in a setting befitting tribute.

There, we are welcomed by a pond filled with turtles, park benches at water’s edge facing the glorious bay and a beckoning from serenity.

It is something incredible to just sit still, breathe in deeply and savour tranquil bliss, beauty and blessings.

The air so fresh, the swish of the trees, the rippling water at our feet, the sun sprinkling a dash of extra sparkle beyond us…it is truly a magical time.

To bask in that moment and allow it to settle into your soul is an act of willingness. We all need that kind of quiet to replenish us.

The question is, are you willing to take the chance and… go for that walk?

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Thursday, July 16, 2015

Image: A walker’s reward by P. Antonello Moore.