Monthly Archive: June, 2016

Unless There are Eyes

Controlling it all I snap the photo The photo I make It’s seen as I like A word, a gesture A jacket and bag I see it through eyes It’s how I like Controlling what’s… Continue reading


Gentle soul he lit the way Snapping colour flow Celebrated mismatched style Always on the go Smiling fully as he moved Setting up the shot Purposeful in rarity Deeply pointed thought. Garbed in… Continue reading


It cannot be contained, a moment of blaze that stirs the heart a race that takes the soul higher, above surface beneath feet                    … Continue reading

Dear Anton Yelchin

Dear Anton Yelchin: In the darkness of night, you left us. A tragedy unimaginable. You weren’t daring fate. You weren’t living large. It was just an ordinary day. Twenty-seven years abruptly end. Those penetrating… Continue reading

Oh Glory

Oh Glory How you delight there Spectacular divine You dazzle me I cannot say How layered in frothy light glow I marvel still Breath-taking stand Ecstatic to catch sight of you But know… Continue reading

Endless Wound

A Flood of COLOUR A candle lit A hug squeezed tighter A prayer said soft   A fearful moment An aching heart A torrent of tears A frozen stand   A mass of… Continue reading


Hello Trees I see you from below Happy that you glow green again. Hello Trees You lift my heart high Renewing a lost soul in Springtime light. Hello Trees Your glorious buds Bursting… Continue reading

Novel Update #22: A Writer’s journey

So Sam is about to be admitted to hospital (Novel update #6). It’s going to be a very scary time for Mary, his wife as she comes to deal with the nightmare that… Continue reading

A Fight

i’m done in sweetness the words tumble from my lips but knowing smile is not enough   like rushing water it rises from a depth that pushes open sweetie i’m not but truthful… Continue reading

B r e e z e

In breath of cool there flows a tease that nurtures soul to sail with ease. Not to control it brushes bees, refreshes face and fluffs up trees. I wish I could possess the… Continue reading