A Fight


i’m done

in sweetness

the words tumble from my lips

but knowing smile

is not enough


like rushing water

it rises

from a depth that pushes open

sweetie i’m not

but truthful yes


i climb

with no reason

but rhyme slips in

easier than

paceless prose


and then

regret strangles

a creative voice that

seeks so much more

than a cute nod


its effort

to express the inner

flow that must come out

whole but saccharine

sludge of candy goodies


but to point

to push to see to say

to reach higher

than sugar and cheer



that takes more

a moment in contemplation

a sigh of exasperation

a fight against

the usual


and then

in hopes renewed

a new voice emerges

clearer real

and maybe, powerful.


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Wednesday, June 1, 2016

GIF: Two guys punching each other by Ricky Fang