Dear Anton Yelchin


Dear Anton Yelchin:

In the darkness of night, you left us.

A tragedy unimaginable.

You weren’t daring fate. You weren’t living large.

It was just an ordinary day.

Twenty-seven years abruptly end.

Those penetrating expressive eyes silenced in a heartbreaking stillness now.

You were known and unknown, recognized or unrecognizable, yet you possessed an army full of love and respect from so many of us.

A life cut short, no matter who, devastates more than any word or image or video can articulate.

A voiceless presence penetrates sharply.

Moving pictures: a reminder of the gifted celebration a person is…was.

A smile that electrified a room.  A talent that moved and roused emotion and laughter, friendship and camaraderie, anguish and contemplation.

You will be missed…not because of celebrity, not because of performance, not because of bombarding voices on repeat flashing commentary.

Not because I knew you personally.

I didn’t.

But because You were YOU: A face remembered, a talent admired, a talent unforgotten, an existence treasured, a bright image of youth.

Like all young lost: sick or sudden, violent or tragic…another soul is another soul is another soul is another soul.

Another loss is anguish renewed.

May a prayer for consolation come for your loved ones in the peace that is now eternally yours.


A fan.

Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts, Copyright: Monday, June 20, 2016

Image: Anton Yelchin from Zimbio