bill-cunningham independent uk.jpg

Gentle soul he lit the way
Snapping colour flow
Celebrated mismatched style
Always on the go

Smiling fully as he moved
Setting up the shot
Purposeful in rarity
Deeply pointed thought.

Garbed in blue with wheels as feet
Never missed the spark
Cheering creativity
Daylight day or dark

Greeting warmth, he stirred the mood
Loved by all he met
Soon they modeled just for him
Treasured lens he’d set

Landmark dear he was declared
Simply by being seen
Snapping images in fun
Lovely human being

Gifted narrator he’d joke
Fabric, print or plaid
Didn’t give a damn for fame
Noting every fad

Sadness cannot sum it up
What a loss this is
Reaching further than he knew
Brilliance was all his

All the streets are darker now
For a city bright
Cheerful warmth has been snuffed out
No more caught in sight

Fun filled memories will thrive
Stories shared w joy
There was no one like our Bill
Rest in peace dear Boy.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Sunday, June 26, 2016.

Hello there: This weekend I learned the sad news of the loss of great New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, 87,  in New York. He passed away June 25, in hospital after suffering a stroke earlier in the week. I was heartbroken. I have followed Bill’s On the Street fashion reports for so many years and cannot imagine a season without his jovial perspective. Grieving such a genuine person, may we all strive to be as purposeful and spirited as him. 

Image: Bill Cunningham by AP from The Independent UK

Video clip: Photography Legend Bill Cunningham Dies at age 87 from You Tube courtesy of Newsy