Monthly Archive: July, 2016

Treasured Still

In a town of memories Carved into my heart Streets of bygone moments Coated ice cream and platform sight Treasured steps of fun Structures stable, once bold Shaded now in unknown hues Playful… Continue reading

Lost Earring

I lost my earring yesterday. I hate losing things. I feel a failure, I fall apart. The anger within me is unending. How can I be so ridiculously careless? How did I not… Continue reading


bang bang bang all quiet is gone a ravaged heart lies ripped open   bang bang bang the noise is defeaning shouts become sound skin is cold   bang bang bang we cannot sleep… Continue reading

Oh Canada

In vibrant Red And stunning white Our spirits true Wrapped up so bright We honour You We celebrate thee We cheer with joy Our nation free! Happy 149th Birthday Canada!   Paula Antonello… Continue reading