Lost Earring


I lost my earring yesterday.

I hate losing things.

I feel a failure, I fall apart.

The anger within me is unending.

How can I be so ridiculously careless?

How did I not know the big silver loop was not attached to my ear?

Why must we lose?

What do we gain?

Have I gained clarity?

Have I gained insight, foresight, mindfulness…

I hate losing things.

I miss my earring.

Now I wear a mismatched pair.

Does anyone notice?

Does anyone care?

What does that say about me?

Can I not trust myself with finer things?

I cannot.

I hate losing things.

It might be sitting amidst gravel being trampled unaware.

I retrace steps, almost all, but am luck-less.

I hate losing things.

I’m sorry earring.

I didn’t mean to let you go.


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Friday, July-08-16

Image: Silver loop by P.A. Moore.