Treasured Still

laneway memory autumn mode.jpg

In a town of memories

Carved into my heart

Streets of bygone moments

Coated ice cream and platform sight

Treasured steps of fun

Structures stable, once bold

Shaded now in unknown hues

Playful sandy glee, strangled by disrepair

Vibrance dulled to a mundane helplessness


Every corner-stone

Every laneway afoot

Every street name

Every breeze brushing cheek

There is laughter and light, still

Echoed voices in corridors

Vacant rooms of well-worn adventure

Hold all close

It is the heart that directs path

Feet move in present

Driven by past

Cherished in tender emotion

A flood that can rise at a passing breeze

A sound, a sight familiar or recalled

A hearty greeting

A feast prepared

In back porch entries

I miss it all!

I walk in nostalgia

Carrying a heavy heart

But my spirit sails

For I know

That in change,

Some things will remain.

Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Thursday, July 21, 2016

Image: Laneway, by P.A. Moore.