Monthly Archive: August, 2016

Capture All

  I jump in splash The sun wanes set I breathe in fresh The day soars new I hold on sail Live it full rest I try hard snap Capture it mark I charge… Continue reading

“no dress rehearsal”

It came as conversation Pulling up a chair, side by side in the dark A heart opened in anguish Poetry on another plain A toasting with pride Bodies swaying in unison Got every… Continue reading


When you sit and cannot speak When awe catches your breath Lost in a sigh of summer ease Let The moment surpassing depth The trigger, creative spark Move you, toward making it Seized Creation can halt Stuffed with clouded… Continue reading

The Great Mayhem

Finger pointed, mouth askew Shouting cheerful, wacky brew. Voices plenty, sparkling eyes Boundless nutty, in disguise. Man of silly, Man of soul Man who’s world was less than whole. Longing yearning, not a peace… Continue reading

In Living Color

Distracting color, the world gathers, and eyes shut Pain lives in backdrop.   Hurried for spotlight, The glory and the STRIFE stand, beyond camera.   Disparity screams Louder than victory cheers, Joy crumbles… Continue reading

Summer Haze

A summer’s breath, Whisks moments by. In laughter, sun, Inviting sky.   A pause in light Then setting hue, It splashes in Then, gone from view.   This time of now In summer’s haze,… Continue reading