A Café Moment


One of my favourite sounds is a breeze passing through trees.

The soothing swish can stop me in my tracks. I close my eyes and breathe a little easier with every whisper. I wish I could go to sleep to that sound every night.

It’s such an effortless peace.

I suppose that’s why winters can be difficult: the leaves disappear. The wind whips round searching for its animated helpers who transform it into music. But all there are, are bare branches.

Sometimes it’s as if the volume increases from a gentle uplift to a full blown wind, like a child jumping and shouting, “Look at me! Look at me!”until I acknowledge it, and take it in with my eyes, my heart, my mind.

Today, I took a stroll and came upon a family tying ropes to two trees out in the neighbourhood. The mother and father wrapped a long weaved belt around the swishing trees on the lawn. I was baffled as I passed. Were they botanists measuring a statistic? Could they be scientists performing a complex experiment?

When I returned, the father was sitting on one end of the tied belt to make it taut while his pre-teen daughter balanced herself trying to walk across it. Meanwhile, mom tossed a football with son. No digital devices. No distractions. Pure fun. Priceless.

That’s what a breeze is.

It encapsulates a lively creative spirit, a spirit of eagerness, as the wind tosses and flips each leaf. It lifts your heart, as it brushes your ears, your cheeks, then settles into your heart.

It helps you breathe a little easier.

At least, that’s what it does for me. 🙂

Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts. Copyright: Sunday, September 11, 2016

Image: Swishing leaves by P.A. Moore.