To the Weary Warriors

German machine gun emplacement on the crest of Vimy taken over by Canadians.jpg

The images pass
in gray light slowly forward,
The pain plight passion

of bygone moments
when hearts charged to action brave,
gave all for cause, friend

nation, standing bold.
Families stretched to the brink
cast and sorted, plain.

Trains hauling broken
spirits, unity shattered.
Souls released through cloud

Soldiering onward
in murk of saturated
Hell on earth, searching

for a meaning that
decayed in the stench and blood
of loss and nightmare.

Yet, here we stand now
unable to convey the
depth of gratitude

that our hearts and lives
owe to those who have and still
March valiantly true,

To protect preserve
and guard our freedom with their
Courage Vim Valor.

A Poppy Red, worn
upon our breast salutes
Weary Warriors.

Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku stream. Copyright: Friday November 11, 2016.

Image: Canadians at Vimy Ridge by William Ivor Castle; Library and Archives Canada a1101.


Image: The Red Poppy of the Canadian Legion.