Piney, oh pineapple


Piney oh pineapple jumped in the pool

Ready for playtime, thought he was cool.

Floated in sunlight, danced on the wave

Splashedy splash did, felt really brave.

Then someone shouted, “How’d that get there?

Pineapple’s food, Something to share.”

Waves how they rippled, some got so high

Piney oh pineapple thought he would die.

Someone just grabbed him, brought him inside,

Looked him all over, smiled with pride.

“This fruit’s got boldness, careless and free

Thought he could swim there, splash and just be.

Truth is its dangerous. Fruit cannot swim.

If he’s peeled back now, We can eat him.”

Piney oh pineapple, nodded and sighed,

Had his adventure, was sliced up, and died.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Saturday, November 12, 2016

Image: Pineapple in Pool by Pineapples on Unsplash.