Novel Update #23: Grieving

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Well its been a while since my last Novel Update (June to be exact).

Probably the biggest change since then is the fact that I am now tackling Part Two or Book Two of my novel Fallout.

The whole mood shifts here. Very emotional.

There is a death and much grieving. It’s interesting to see how different people react to a death in very different ways.

Throughout Book One, the characters lived and moved and developed their personalities. As the second half takes shape, they begin to speak up for themselves. Each grief-stricken individual responds to the death of a very important character in ways that are suitable and appropriate to them personally.

One’s grief is full of silence, sadness but also anger.

Another becomes numb, immobilized by emotion.

And still the third, is broken, has lost his way, fallen off course without the deceased friend there to anchor and guide him.

In all my years of writing, I’m never tired of how a story can dip and soar and move in directions I never intended or imagined.

That is the magical mystery and enjoyment to the writing process (during the good days, that is): letting a story, a piece of writing, evolve, shift and take shape on its own.

Inspiration can come in a blink. A song or moment can trigger something new and all of a sudden, your characters are doing things you never had planned.

That’s what really makes it fun.

And that, is why I continue to write.

Stay tuned…

Paula Antonello Moore, The Novel. Copyright: Saturday, November 12, 2016. 

Images: Jets by Blake Verdoorn from StockSnap.