Monthly Archive: January, 2017


I wish i could be by a sea oh so free a sunset in sight, as the night covered me i’d float like a boat, ore-less dance in sheer glee and hope i could cope… Continue reading


In the chill of winter when frost covers everything a cup of hot cocoa and some quiet can be… P e r f e c t i o n.   Paula Antonello Moore,… Continue reading

Sewing the Seeds

A tiny seed planted in gray, darkness surrounds, Spark in his way. Cannot ignore sewing this light, arms locked in arms, nothing seems right. Won’t dare give up Won’t dare give in Won’t… Continue reading

Set forth the flare

Magic and Mystery blended in one gazing potential eager to run with it before me nameless its grown anxious for fire something I’ll hone make more and push me jump up and soar… Continue reading


In the flow of grace in the melody of time a moment pulls and i am left awed by the grandeur of majesty.   Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Saturday, January 14, 2017. Image: Highland… Continue reading

A Frost that Glows

In cold and white My soul drifts In light of frost I try to find my way The bitter chill Contains it all Wrapped-in, tight Yet, shielded from my eyes I can’t make… Continue reading

Happy and Bright

A Bright New Year is upon us once again. Big plans, big dreams are the inevitable intention from a holiday rife with overindulging and inactivity, beyond stuffing our faces and filling our glasses.… Continue reading