Monthly Archive: February, 2017


There once was a girl with a cast Who didn’t think it was a blast Just sitting all day While the world was at play She prayed that it so wouldn’t last.  … Continue reading

Farewell Bill Paxton…

So saddened and tragic A true talent Authentic A menace A marvel A beat in film’s history Distinct in voice Fierce in delivery Youthful unmatched Generosity bright A heartbreak A loss Brutal You… Continue reading

The Window

The Window holds it all a sway of brightness a sparkle of blue a crispness of season The Window holds an invitation to soar a beckoning adventure a fleeting thought The Window reveals the… Continue reading

the Verge

on the verge of sadness hanging on to what feels like infinity trying to dissolve and be on solid footing but a trigger tips the scale and drops the fall that hurts and… Continue reading


it rises and falls like a wave out to sea Intention is hopeful light drowned by inaction pushing forward, through when a fallen moment suffocates eyes wet and, attempt is made again.  … Continue reading

Standstill Day 7: Delighted

Trickling sparkle of feathery flakes a downy frost of motion. A chocolate break in this stiffness of still delightful thought ignited. Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Thursday, February 16, 2017. Image: Chocolate mug… Continue reading

Standstill Day 6: Thankful

When all seemed aggravatingly lost… when the great fear of lethargy, both physical and mental, had all but overtaken me, I am unexpectedly revived. And it feels damn good!   Paula Antonello Moore, Writing… Continue reading

Standstill Day 4: An Anxious Note

elevated high lifted to rest heart bleeds to rise frustration is guest anxiety swells panic awake mind muscle tries creative must break   Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, February 13, 2017. Image:… Continue reading

Standstill: Day 1

I fractured my ankle this week (Icy Feat, Sad). Beautiful cast and all. This temporary infirmity has shown me how so very much I despise the feeling of helplessness. A good time to write,… Continue reading

Icy Feat, Sad

The icy sheet lies beckoning adventure bold blade meets glassy frost The icy sheet hurt without warning, fall crashes pain bursts like a bomb The icy sheet lies stretched out shiny cold, these… Continue reading