Infusing the Un-crutched


Recently I happily celebrated another birthday.

This one was truly special since I was able to mark it on two feet.

My broken ankle is, for the most part, healed up and I am grateful to have it working again.

I have to admit suffering that break this year set me back far more than I ever imagined.

It not only paralyzed my daily routine of basically keeping active, it crippled my writing ability.

Sure, I might have channeled that difficult struggle through poetry here this past month in the Café (Crutched, Not Waterproof , Blazing Reality to name a few), but sadly, the injury didn’t provide much in the way of creative help when it came to the editing of my manuscript and chapter revisions.

So when I opened up birthday gifts from my family, I was thrilled to see they were thinking the same thing.

There is nothing like a new notebook for inspiration.

Chocolate helps boost the spirit and a helpful reminder of “creativity” in a bookmark wraps it all up nicely.

Needless to say, I am eager to shake things up, get back on track and get the damn editing done this spring.

Wish me luck.

Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts. Copyright: Monday, April 3, 2017.

Image: The Right Stuff by P.A. Moore.