Novel Update#24: In the Conversation


Last weekend I attended an annual local authors’ festival that I hadn’t been to in years. Wow, how times have changed.

When I used to show up to these events, I barely knew the writers. I rarely read any of the books. It was a quiet embarrassment I carried with me as I tried to look like I belonged. How could I call myself a writer if I was so ignorant to the members of the very industry I so desperately wanted to be a part of?

Well, fortunately, I’ve come a long way since then. I may still be working on the same manuscript but that doesn’t matter.

Now, I know how it all works.

I am proud to call myself a “WRITER” in All Caps because I have a writing experience of my own.

If you write, you are on the same journey, filled with twists and turns. The three women I heard speak were all in various stages of their careers and yet I was able to comfortably converse with each of them. I had something to share.

I could relate to each of them not because I’d sold millions of books or was nominated for a national prize. I hadn’t done public readings of my own work or been interviewed on stage. I could relate simply because I had something to talk to them about. I asked pointed questions about struggle and the joys of completion, of characterisation and how to secure the right publisher. I shared my journey and the many steps along the way, from seven years of composing, to being in the midst of my third year of editing.

And that very experience, that very ability of being able to talk shop with those in the industry renewed my ever-waning-rollercoaster-of-a ride Hope. Some days I cling to it, other days I kick it aside in tears, only to reclaim it again with a loving embrace.

The Authors fest was just what the doctor ordered, as I approach the end of my chapter revisions.

And with Hope by my side, I continue to move forward. I hope you will too. In whatever you’re writing, please keep going.

Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts. Copyright: Thursday, April 27, 2017.

Image: Girl in Bookstore by Pj Accetturo from Unsplash.