Monthly Archive: May, 2017

In the Gloaming

I will be there      Moving on the gloaming         to walk with              Memories made in the making            … Continue reading

Get Distracted

Go ahead, give in to distraction. It may sound like unusual literary advice, but I’ve discovered it can actually help my writing. Now I don’t mean get so distracted that you miss a deadline.… Continue reading


I cannot say choose words that can possibly convey meaning in a nightmare that silences music yet unites through distance that seems to separate only to connect more deeply a pain shared at… Continue reading


“… Like always, it did something to him, something he could never quite figure out. It seemed to put one part of him to sleep and wake another part up, the part that… Continue reading


Originally posted on Damien B. Donnelly:
On dull days when the sun absconds from sky, when grey grinds gloom into gutters and mothers utter ‘stay inside’, children’s minds flutter to unfold like umbrellas…

Damn! it.

The silencing slices a piercing end to the glorious grovel captivation turns in shocking blasts A Time no longer changes in moments of recollection in stunned numbness the mesmerizing hold Powers forth more… Continue reading

For Mommys the world over

It is what it is in a chocolatey dream it seems in reams to bounce with joy as boys and girls, how they honour thee with tea and glee and breakfast in bed this… Continue reading

Break the Brain

An army vet has killed her dog As Son and beau took mom abroad The sun it shines, there is no rain Yet, headlines shake and break my brain   I cannot see… Continue reading

A pause most-needed

The Tree tunnel is coming alive again. Spring is breaking free of Winter’s icy grip. A damp chill remains, wet and grey, but blossoms are abundant. And yet time is not cooperating. A heartfelt… Continue reading