Break the Brain


An army vet has killed her dog

As Son and beau took mom abroad

The sun it shines, there is no rain

Yet, headlines shake and break my brain


I cannot see my foot is good

A married couple pose at dusk

Another prize on MTV

And bummed out phase it strangles me


A kitten naps in tissue box

A veteran singer shows off nude

The cluttered up can’t knock you straight

It’s messiness dislodges fate


This politics will tick tick on

As president does golf with friends

And former chief now gets award

While rest of us try to be bored


A prince will kiss his gal in sight

Another baby’s face exposed

And queen b’s belly glamour shot

She poses bold, and mag is bought


A Twitter note to check back in

A Facebook tease to see the “Like”

And bed it beckons still to soothe

the wayward thoughts I cannot lose


A Monday-ness can cripple all

And fog sets in to take the charge

While stars show off their furry pets

Then fly off in expensive jets


These typed up words jumble the page

Emotions sit in cloudy haze

And sense is so longed to be clear

As dried up mood can’t shed a tear.


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose Poetry. Copyright: Monday, May 8, 2017.

Image: Haze by Carolinie Cavalli from Unsplash.