Get Distracted


Go ahead, give in to distraction.

It may sound like unusual literary advice, but I’ve discovered it can actually help my writing.

Now I don’t mean get so distracted that you miss a deadline. But I’ve found that if I sit down at my computer and want to maybe surf the internet a little, perhaps visit an online magazine, write a blog post, or check out some photos, the desire will gnaw away and not leave me alone until I give in.

The worry is that getting swept up in distracted play may hamper a writer’s work. But I find the opposite happens.

If I give in to a few minutes of idleness, it actually helps me focus far better on the work at hand. As long as I limit it to a few good minutes, of course.


Try it.

You may find your mind is clearer and suddenly you become far more determined and dedicated to what needs to be done.

Resisting will only keep your focus elsewhere and, frankly, produce poor work.


Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts. Copyright: Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Image: Distraction by Miguel A. Amutio from Unsplash.