Under Siege


Inspiration under siege!

It has always heartened me to know that two very sacred spaces I hold dear in my corner of the world could never be taken away from me. They exist as part of the very fabric and landscape that makes this city so wonderful.
But I have come to a sad cross-road recently as I have been barred from both.

This is a nightmare for a writer!

My walking path down by the river’s edge, out in glorious nature, breathtaking inspiration with every step, is temporarily closed, engulfed by water due to an unusual amount of rain this season.
My tree tunnel, the road I traverse weekly for errands, lined with majestic old trees, flanked by grand period homes, shadowing my way as I go, inspiring my very breath, is being torn apart by construction.

It is unnerving to suddenly be without these faithful touchstones of inspiration.

I sit suspended in time, awaiting the chance
to rediscover my spirit again.


Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts. Copyright: Tuesday, June 20, 2017. 

Image: The Path by P.A. Moore.