Savoured Sought


The glass gives sight in haze of view
a world unknown comes clearly through
but moments missed, distracted fair
when oft the glass lays vision bare
and though i try to see it all
a blur beyond can make me fall
not footed trip that crashes down
but essence pure, neglected sound
i reach for glass again to see
my world in its complexity 
a breath of time, a feeling here
yet, still the snippets slip unclear
a faded pass, a vented grit
a spirit ready not to quit
i pine and search and wait, eyes wide
but fleeting views from sight can hide
yes, glass can do what eyes cannot
in many moments savoured sought
but soul must lead the sight to still
to take in what must be the thrill
for trust does shake when focus’ lost
and meaning life becomes be the cost. 


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, September 7, 2017

Image: Through my eyes by P.A. Moore.