It started in bleakness

a sadness, upset,

I needed a remedy action.


I walked heavy-footed

in hopes there would show

an uplift of cheery distraction.


The Café it beckoned.

A corner was free,

where treat tempted, eager to dazzle,


I entered and smiled,

and seated myself

quite willing to rid of the frazzle.


The view oh so lovely,

the cookie was good,

but oh how I relished the sweetness,


Cream Chocolate divine,

I spread with my spoon,

delighted, lip-smacking completeness.


My soul elevated,

how fun a dessert

of absolute brilliant creation,


With a taste so unmatched,

My heart it was healed.

I rested in blissful elation.


Paula Antonello Moore, Rhyme Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Image: Cheery distraction by P.A. Moore.

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