A Pause in Glitter’s Glow

crop twinkle tops

“Embrace this week!” she said to me,

enlivening my heart,

for true it is to think like that

and take a special part.


The hustle bustle all around

can craze the mind to think

that none of it is worth the fuss.

It’s easier to drink.


But festive spirit must he raised,

there’s little time for more,

As passing days race on and fly

and dreams run out the door.


There’s happiness, yes, sadness too,

A pain that cannot melt.

For some the festive eats away

whatever good is felt.


So all the more the reason is

to take the time to feel,

that Merriness, that shining lift,

though brief, it can be real.


Just find your basking moment then,

A pause in glitter’s glow.

A laughter from a child’s glee.

A friend’s surprise hello.


A memory that brings with it

a brighter cheer to save,

A gentle hand. A photograph.

A sudden moment, brave.


Whatever it may be for you,

Whatever calms the nerve,

Please treasure it, and tune right in,

for new year’s gust can curve


the best made plans and happy hearts.

A might can conquer all.

And then it goes, that merriness

in crumble, breaking fall.


So from the Café here I send

A Blessed Greeting true,

that Happiness, though fleeting be,

Will come and rest with you.


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, December 19, 2017. 

Image: Glitter’s Glow by P.A. Moore.

A very Merry Christmas to All and Bestest Wishes for a fantastically Bright New Year!