So I thought I’d take a walk this morning.

I love walking ,as you know, and though the weather was not ideal, I longed to be moving outside.

But today, careful footing was required.

We were hit with an icy rain yesterday and it left its shiny slippery sheath coating every step.

Snow became crunchy instead of soft.

Concrete became glazed and treacherous.

Water pooled, hampering pathways.

Leaves that never fully managed to disintegrate during fall, huddled within Winter’s frosty grasp.

As I strolled, cautious where my feet tread, I thought about how a Writer’s Journey can be similar to Winter.

A cold snap, imprisoning you in the middle of a bitter chill, can seize your thoughts.

It can paralyze your ability to express the fire inside.

Words, like shriveled foliage, can lay trapped beneath the surface, waiting, desperate to be freed by the thaw of inspiration, the joy of revival.

The Right conditions.

But when the conditions don’t cooperate with intention, well, then, a new aim must take shape.

As I stood before the tricky trail, my intentions needed to be diverted, my steps rerouted.

And when I managed to safely make it to the other side, my feet found their footing again.

And…I walked on.

That doesn’t mean that I still don’t long for the uplift of Spring. 🙂


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

Image: Trapped by P.A. Moore.