The We of Me


Oh to rest with Me

As me, I say, hey there, you

“I hear you, me”

how can we be me

“because me is varied you,”

why varied, me

“because the facets range wide, the colours soar”

we are me, then

“as you can be me, I too can be you”

is there a better me or you

“we are better me together

you and me, and me and you”

yes, together, I see

to be me, I need you

“and to be you, I need me and you”


in strength, in mind, in creation

“we, together be, me”

how lovely it is

“it is, and now let us rest”



Paula Antonello Moore, Prose poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

Image: Han Solos by P.A. Moore.