My heart partially broke today.

When I began my creatively-inspiring-soul-nurturing-walk along the water path, I came upon a blue X.

Then another. And another.

Majestic and historic trees that welcomed me on my way were branded with HUGE BLUE X’s painted on them.

I got worried. I think I may have even clutched at my heart.

A City worker passed in his vehicle and I had to ask, “Do those X’s meant that the trees will be (cough) cut down?”

“Yes. They keep up on these things. They cut down the ones that will bring bugs and infection to other trees.”

I wiped a tear, nodded and was on my way.

I spent the rest of the walk taking photos of every marked weathered and worn pillar. And it made me so sad.

The story of a Tree is a fascinating one to behold. From delicate seedling to sturdy stem until eventually, a tower of enduring sky-soaring glory. Steadily growing, marking, guarding.

A true Miracle of Life. A Writer’s inspiration.

To lose one is like watching the destruction of a treasured gift.

I did my best to prove they mattered. I paused at each, beheld its beauty, and quietly bid it farewell.


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

Images: Branded  and Fateful X by P.A. Moore.