Sometimes stumbling down memory lane is a great comfort.

This summer I was whisked back into my past when I came across my teenage Seventeen fashion magazine collection, during a house clean. How hilarious it was to see dated ads and fashion from the 80’s, not to mention celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Connelly and Angie Harmon, still cherub-faced and adorable.

In the midst of this treasure trove, I found a folder of post-up images I had used to decorate my room. The promise of captivating romances. Of fun-filled antics on the beach. Of cheerful strolls with friends in luxurious layers in fall.

I was amazed how easy it was to return to those innocent feelings of happy-go-lucky spiritedness, that sense of exciting possibilities existing around every corner. All that really mattered was what to wear to the school dance or hanging out with my friends .

Flash forward some 30 years (how scary to see that number in print. It sure doesn’t feel like 30 years), and now I’m a wife, a mother, and longing to be a published writer.

I needed that stroll down memory lane right at the moment I discovered it. My editor of 4 years has parted ways with me. Recovering her health from a recent illness and an upcoming book launch has overwhelmed her schedule, so much so she can no longer work with me.

The most emotional part of this has been the fact that I was on the brink of beginning the final stretch: pitching the completed manuscript this fall.

I’m endeavouring to find a replacement. But I must admit this has been horribly difficult. I know I haven’t experienced the pain of rejection yet (that’s sure to follow with agents and publishers) but to get this close, to feel so ready and then to be set adrift…

And so, that escape down memory lane was welcome, a comfort, a haven most-needed, far greater than any discouraging Novel Update

Paula Antonello Moore. Prose. Copyright: Friday, August 31, 2018.

Image: Collage of Memories by P.A. Moore.