A Twinkler’s Wink


He had a joke.

He had a story.

He’d make you laugh,

if you had time.

He’d CHUCKle first

before he’d say it,

then magic, poof!

He’d pull a dime.

We loved his tricks,

he’d entertain us.

His cheerful grin

could not deny,

the joy inside,

he shared so freely.

A twinkle wink.

He wasn’t shy.

Affliction came

when so unwelcome.

He tried his best

to push away.

But spirit broke,

without us knowing,

and sadness rose.

Anchored to stay.

His precious stamps

did offer solace,

a moment here,

hobby reprieve.

But paper fix

was not so lasting.

The illness stirred,

and he…would leave.

Now peace has come

to one deserving,

we treasure dear

though life has changed.

Yet, end to pain

so much desired,

has eased this grief,

and Calm’s exchanged.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, September 20, 2018.

Image: Zio T, courtesy of S.Giustizia Aprea, July 1933-Sept 8-18. Another tribute. The Beautiful Ridiculous.