Anchored again


The Fall has ushered in a newness I am happily embracing.

No longer Adrift, I am extremely excited to share that I have acquired a new editor.

I’m ready to sail once again.

I attended the annual WritersFest I enjoy every Autumn, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, and never felt more at home.

I’m not sure where that solid footing came from.

That gleaming I waxed poetic about recently, seemed to reveal itself in full splendor.

In previous trips, I’ve felt completely lost, like a fish out of water, sometimes flailing, sometimes faltering, plagued by nerves, always lonely.

Not this time.

I chatted up fellow unpublished writers with ease, our common journey, no matter the subject or genre, a fascinating aspect for conversation.

I probed the thoughts of professional authors, as they signed my copy of their book, intrigued by getting to the heart of their writerly inspiration.

I felt a part of the community, not only comfortable, but actually meant to be there.

It felt good and reassuring, especially after a miserable summer in my writer’s corner.

Now, I have a new purpose: begin preliminary work on Novel #2, while awaiting the next manuscript evaluation of Novel #1. I’m doing my best to perfect that thing called “patience” as well, knowing there is much yet to face.

Thank you for tagging along. Happy to be, well, happy again.

Hope to share more soon.


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

Image: Anchored, by P.A. Moore.