The Sprouting Tale


How I wish I could write…like a Tree grows

deeply sown

anchored in sturdy roots

settling and extending girth beneath the surface

then sprout of thought breaks soil

rising slowly

seeking the warmth of light

an understanding nurtured with coaxing

branches of details would broaden and multiply

lifting story

as intricate bud blooms

unfolding leafy threads, the vein of life flourishing

and then, at peak, the height of action,

Exploding Colour!

Gasps of glory resound, aha-ness

cascading to a lilting end, painted with meaning

the Leafy tale would rest

Fully Grown

released to the breeze, shared, accepted and set…



Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, October 15, 2018.

Image: SpringFall by P.A. Moore.