Mother Brave

CanNational_Vimy_Mem-Mother Canada w Chorus

In mourning brave of broken soul, You rise above the fray

An Emblem fixed, an endless grief that marks Your every day

No matter skies above You there, no tempest shake Your will

A loss profound deep threaded to the fibre of You, still

Emboldened Love, You gaze below at Body’s emptied breath

And weep for every warrior who lost, in ravaged death

For Canada, for countries all, Your message rings so true

A warring fight can never bring what it’s supposed to do

CanNational_Vimy_Mem from vimyridgevalourcanada

And so Centenary arrives, and many more will come

A trumpet blast, the dear prayers said, and momentary numb

But dedications must beyond the special day take hold

And delve within a deeper part of everything that’s told

Remembrance here, a poppy worn, a pause in silence stand

WE must believe a GREATER GOOD can climb above this land

Where soldiering is won yet not so much for noble feat

But to preserve a depth of care we must embrace and meet.


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Image #1: Canada Bereft, Mother Canada, from the Vimy War Memorial monument, France (West side).

Image #2: The Vimy War Memorial, created by sculptor Walter Allward from Valor Canada.

Image #3: A Canadian Remembrance Day Poppy.

Marking the Centenary of the start of The First World War, November 11, 1918. The Vimy Memorial serves as the grave marker for 11 285 Canadian soldiers