On the Brink of it all

As the year closes and new plans are made,

Recalling past days stalls a memory fade.

But what if a struggle, an obstacle true,

was something that broke and then bent you in two?

Not of a tragedy, death or demise,

Nor of pain you can see with your eyes,

but something much deeper, a broken within

when all Hope’s beliefs have been crushed and worn thin.

What if you’ve thought yourself Writerly-strong,

only to find that you might be quite wrong?

What if you’ve poured your whole heart into it,

only to feel it’d be better to quit?

That’s where I stand on the brink of it all,

when dropping and letting the writerly fall

is much more appealing than starting once more,

and trudging uphill, not to open the door

that leads to progression, success to enjoy,

a rest in accomplishment, Published! Employ!

A new year is coming, it’s here now I see,

when new resolutions are welcomed with glee,

when steps are much lighter and spirits are high

because we are ready, to conquer the sky.

It’s here where I gaze out, and contemplate rest…

and know it’s not in me to give up the quest.

A stirring, an urging gnaws deep down inside

Demanding I not let my poor damaged pride

take over control of the course now ahead,

but steady my steps and, DAMN! Clear up my head.

So that’s what I’ll do, as I toast in the year

with champagne and countdowns I hold to so dear.

I’ll make THE decree that I’m not finished yet

and try oh so hard not to whimper or fret.

But charge on, not trudge, with a spirit renewed,

And cling to the hope: I can get past this mood.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, December 31, 2018.

Images: Jimmy Stewart as “George Bailey” in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Happy New Year to One and All! May the New Year be a Bright, Bold and Rewarding one for You, renewing Hope for better ahead! Cheers!