Pumpkin & Charcoal

WE came together, a catch up full of meaning and frankness.

 Its always as such, no airs, but airing, needed for a soul to carry on.

Newness ‘round every moment, like Pumpkin and Charcoal bonded,

an atmosphere, a brimming of possibility, dances Near.

Words are nothing if connection cracks and a trickle, a sour seed is sown,

but never Here, thankfully, for steps sync-ly move.

A freshness of homemade goodness, and the occasional decadence in chocolate,

and, once again…we are happily  caught up.

Paula Antonello, Prose. Copyright: Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Image: Pumpkin and Charcoal with Cheese by P. Antonello.