Owl knows

I did not provoke them, these two here, you see

was minding my business, and letting life be,

when all of a sudden, no warning to share,

they faltered and fell down, like poisoned by air,

now I could have flew off, with wings I can rise,

but something about them, brought tears to my eyes.

Green usually happy, and Pink such a tease,

she lay with a frown now, while Green coughed and wheezed,

I tried to say something, I offered to aid,

but neither moved muscle, that made me afraid.

It’s eerie to witness when bodies fall down,

and worse to do nothing, but shake head and frown.

They weren’t friends, but friendly, I’ll give them each that,

but always their fussing, would lead to a spat,

Ol’ Pink she’d use suction and stick high to wall

and taunt little Greenie, and just have a ball,

but Greenie would waddle, he’d shout oh so loud,

he was so darn fearless, his walk so damn proud,

their kibitzing playful, then jab jab they’d push,

from fun to ferocious, not one would dare shush,

So, there I have said it, confessed what I saw,

and now may I fly off, without breaking law?

I don’t mean offence now, I hope they survive

but I’ll only know more when spirits revive.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, April 15, 2019.

Image: The Fall by P.Antonello.