I want to talk about when

I feel it




but as soon as mouth is open

w o r d s f l u t t e r a w a y

and feeling d i s s i p a t e s

IT returns and I’m ready

I shout it out loud!

well, not really

only inside

and that’s not good enough

into the air is where its meant to be

so why

can’t it come out there

when I beckon, want it to…

no answer comes

no prediction can be made

who knows what, why

no one

but what lies, rests inside of me


and it will come out

when its ready,

not me,

and i’ll be happy

and let IT be free in the air

where it can sing

and maybe f l y

as it pleases.

Paula Antonello, Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

Image: Clouds in the stratosphere Photo by Kaushik Panchal on Unsplash