Thank You, Robin

A gasp and a jerk and two hands waved up high,

a bursting hilarity that crashed into sigh,

a coaxing in poetry, led to the brink,

irreverent, jokey, but depth made you think.

Awakening fire, then guiding it through,

impressions were perfect, the laughter so true

The Greatness of Mayhem, the Captain supreme,

Oh how we are lacking this levity dream.

He’d jump up, he’d throw down, his body he’d toss,

whatever he’d do, he’d command like a boss.

Amusement his aim, all to share in the fun

he’d giggle himself, til his purpose was done,

then shift to a tone that would stir us awake.

The joking aside he would slice through the fake,

and say something powerful, we’d brace and we’d wait,

expecting discussion was merely mirth’s bait.

The twists and the turns, an emotional test,

but something that only ol’ Robin did best.

Oh how this world needs him when heavy takes toll,

if only his face was alive and so droll…

And so here at FIVE years, recalling I write

the uplift much-needed, sure-fire delight

His impact so potent remains sound and deep,

a glance to his movies and couches he’d leap,

that even though gone we should never forget

the joy he bestowed. We’re all still in his debt.

Thank you, Robin.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, August 5, 2019.

Image 1: Robin Williams standup by Mike Coppola/Getty Images.

Image 2: Robin Williams, Good Will Hunting from Miramax/You tube.

A personal tribute on the 5th Anniversary of Comedian Robin William’s death.