Le Cochon Dingue

He seemed fascinated, probably hungry too,

She was with her family, watching what he‘d do.

He had no idea, didn’t know she cared,

He just kept on peeking, not inside he dared.

But the more he watched her, all the more she cheered,

For her entertainment, he had just appeared.

Lasting long and stable, probably ached for food,

She had tasty treats there, sadness claimed his mood.

Finally she went out, fudge in hand she waved,

Hoped he would enjoy it, but he never caved.

He just kept on watching, muscles didn’t budge.

So the young gal ate it, savoured all his fudge.

Paula Antonello, Creative writing. Copyright: Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

Image: Le Cochon Dingue by P. Antonello.