Fading embers hold me still, leave me not in heartache’s chill

to recall how Fairytale, ended quick in Nightmare’s gale.

Solitaire and unprepared, left with nothing, Love unshared,

Yet, in memory’s rewind, lives did dance and hearts aligned,

Love aglow, spirits were high, nothing feared, no danger nigh.

That was not til crushing came, flashing burn that had no name,

Search and Rescue, holding breath, so consumed in darkest death…

 “Carry on,” is what they sold, easy task, if nature BOLD.

Did my best to lift my head, everyday from weighted bed,

piece by piece and step by step, slow renew of brighter pep.

Newfound friendships, comfort sewn, Smile at last, thoughtful and shown,

Warmth from unexpected place, God was good and shared His grace.

Heart awakened, Love revived, PROUD to boast that I Survived!

…There are pieces still unglued, nurturing a cheerful mood,

hoping Healing will someday, fully come, an anchored stay.

But if not, I rest in this, that I conquered Hell’s abyss.

Paula Antonello, Poetry. Copyright: Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

Image: Embers by P. Antonello.

Tribute to the surviving families of the tragedy that was September 11, 2001.