The ever-longing Road

A break and pause I take again,

The endless words conveyed

The holiday to rest and share

Before the pitch is slayed.

The ever-longing road I write,

As characters take leave,

And shopping, wrapping now commence

A Festive Bright reprieve.

The edit journey has been long

The Novel still alive

But bore you not, I’ve spared replay,

So story true can thrive.

But nearing IT, excitement comes

As Spring will bring next phase

And all my writing ramble here

Will be a bygone haze.

So please stay tuned, if care you do

To what’s yet still in store,

And pray I might have much to say

When New Year opens door.

Paula Antonello, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Image: The End? by P. Antonello.