Here, we close ourselves from us

take each day and pray less fuss

lift our heads and raise our Hope

as the News takes downward slope

carry each and hold the heart

side by side, but MUST, apart

shut the door, let screens converse

stay inside so no ones worse

Love our ones and temper preach

don’t forget those out of reach

pray again and warn our dears

fake the brave and stifle fears

count the days and shake the head

try to shut it out, in bed

start again, the plummet breaks

specs of light, recovery makes

stilled by all and awe is stirred

speechless mouths, the stories blurred

close our eyes and clasp our hands

greater Hope this life demands

steady true and fix our feet

til again, we kiss and greet.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: St. Patty’s 2020.

An ode to the world during this challenging Covid-19 period. Hang in there. Keep up Hope and trust the sun will shine again.

Image: “Don’t Be Afraid” by Deuxiemepeau.