A Merry-full Wanting

Broken in pieces a year this has been

Holding our breath, and yet taking it in

Covered up faces and constant wet hands

Shutting up doors and vast empty dry lands

Trying to make sense from our chatter in zoom

Seeking big answers, while living in doom

Keeping our distance and shouting our Love

Stressful and anxious with prayers sent above.

But now, in this season of colourful lights

Of dressing up trees and warm winter nights

When giving can go beyond paper and bow

Becoming a drive by for somebody low

With musical treating and toasts made in air

And reaching each other in kindness and care

A generous note in a card, text or wave

Will show there still is so much more we can save,

We pause and restore a Hope dismally lost

With crossing of fingers at every cost

That sprinkled in magic our hearts raised up high

We look to the New Year and breathe a great sigh

That many more memories are yet to be made

In brightness and colour we will not let fade.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Bright and Hopeful New Year to all!

Paula Antonello, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, December 14, 2020.

Image: Christmas Lights by Ben White from Unsplash.