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Ever since I could read I have been in love with characters.

I am fascinated by people in general, from high profile celebrities and how they go about their day-to-day outside of the spotlight, to that barista at the coffee shop with the dreadlocks and what powers her dreams when she isn’t prepping a half caffe mocha latté.

But most of all I love writing novels. Don’t attempt it of course if you’re not prepared to be all consumed by a story that just won’t go away. Nor if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Not a chance there! The characters will sneak up on you in the night and tug at your sleeve, flick the side of your face until finally…you must sit up and quickly jot down that all-important episode before it drifts off into the ether.

Inventing a new storybook world is so much fun. But creating a living breathing person to inhabit that world is even more captivating to me. From complex introvert to vivacious free-spirit, what goes into that process intrigues and overtakes my world beyond the written page. And so…I write.

I have been a writer in one form or another all my life. I have written countless journals, worked on school literary publications, had jobs in newspaper and communications. And now I write novels.

I have written three novels to date: one when I was 16, another before I started my family and my third which I am currently editing and pursuing to publication. I enjoy the process of creation from the initial spark of an idea to the outline and onward to the first draft.

Fueled by this passion, I hope my writing may accomplish its own job of entertaining and intriguing others.

So come on into The Expressible Café and enjoy a tale on me.


Paula Antonello

Image: Actor Jimmy Stewart: The master of vibrant characters.