All things Writable

Patience, Charlotte, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20, JPEG

…That there was something struggling in you

That you couldn’t put in words…”

The Inexpressible, Ernest Hemingway

The Expressible Café was created out of that very need: to express those moving experiences, those inspirational moments in life when something stirs you so much, you feel compelled to record it.

I have always loved the atmosphere of a café or coffee shop. The welcoming aromas, the friendly chit chat, interesting people coming and going, a momentary collision of lives…the people watching alone offers creative stimulation. What a perfect environment for any writer to be inspired.

And so whether it be sharing thoughts, completing writing challenges or just launching into something imaginative, what better place to explore creativity than within the walls of a comfortable Café.

If the duty of a writer is to breathe life into the written word and allow it to soar to great heights, then I hope to do all that right here, within the cozy surroundings of The Expressible Café.


Paula Antonello

Painting: “Patience Charlotte” by Canadian Fine Artist Laurie Near