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Unbroken True

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row” Yet t’is not far as that to roam To find a Fallen Friend at Home, Lie buried beneath Red and White… Continue reading

The Mighty Sticky Post

Blue, lemon yellow, bright as it sticks I can’t live without. In front of my eyes, it bears my thoughts It cradles a new direction. Ideas important, essential. My Lifeline Pinned before they… Continue reading

My Now…

My brain is locked in details WORDS Mixing around. Characters tug at my sleeve SHOUT Wanting voice. Moments of emotion muddle EPISODES Shift flow. Calendar dates collide CHRONOLOGY Finding place. Multiple stories exchange… Continue reading


A bond set When two met With no fret They played. A sweet vow They knew how To bring wow. Friend made. At just three They shared free A name, see. They knew.… Continue reading

My Novel in One-syllable

Sam work. Bad thing. Guest there not see. Fear fast clean. Talk leave. Stew. Play. Drink. Fun. Then sick. Dread. Friend knows. Wife no. Sick bad. Doc tests. Not good. Death near. Bye… Continue reading


I do not like it when a tree becomes as naked as can be and shakes me up, it brings such woe to see those branches empty blow when arms become mere twigs… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Awe and Hush

Leaf breezy thee I’m overwhelmed you see Your colours rain on me I cannot let things be Red there said With Vibrancy overhead Such glory, soul is fed I take it all to… Continue reading

Silver Glass

Washing over me… your voice comes. It’s so soothing even if I don’t need the calm. It is welcome here. I am swept away by the sway of melodic guide. “Why do you… Continue reading

An Editing Limerick or two

The editing now has begun A mixture of pain and some fun At times I can’t think I long for a drink But feel its much better to run. The running does not… Continue reading

You cannot reach me Here

You cannot reach me Here I am far from you Carried away by Melody Shades of vibrancy burst forth My mind takes flight I cannot hear you now… I will return When this… Continue reading