The Bright

When I look up from down I try to see what’s needed When I look down from up I seek it all When I look up from down I sense the purpose and phrase… Continue reading


Upon the green of shamrock flower I rest with heart aglow For every year it brings its light As memories overflow. Upon the four-leaf-clover bright As luck would paint it still A treasured… Continue reading

Unfrosted trickle

Its frosty breath makes staying indoors a lot more fun. I can write here not worrying about frozen fingers. Story unfolds as slow as the ground is covered white.   Paula Antonello Moore,… Continue reading

Not Waterproof

I want to be out in the Rain. It pitters and patters beyond me but I am not waterproof, at least not today. And so my longing to breathe in its freshness will… Continue reading

Blazing Reality

Sitting within it breathing the light in doubt, clinging in joy, singing I sigh. By the edge of it all resting against the fray in hope, reaching in haze, freaking I cry. Basking… Continue reading

Gone from the Café

Someone has been lost in a worded phrase or thought, has drifted from me.   Though I truly try to hold attention firm, clear, I can’t always win.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku… Continue reading


There once was a girl with a cast Who didn’t think it was a blast Just sitting all day While the world was at play She prayed that is so wouldn’t last.  … Continue reading

Farewell Bill Paxton…

So saddened and tragic A true talent Authentic A menace A marvel A beat in film’s history Distinct in voice Fierce in delivery Youthful unmatched Generosity bright A heartbreak A loss Brutal You… Continue reading

The Window

The Window holds it all a sway of brightness a sparkle of blue a crispness of season The Window holds an invitation to soar a beckoning adventure a fleeting thought The Window reveals the… Continue reading

the Verge

on the verge of sadness hanging on to what feels like infinity trying to dissolve and be on solid footing but a trigger tips the scale and drops the fall that hurts and… Continue reading