A Frost that Glows

In cold and white My soul drifts In light of frost I try to find my way The bitter chill Contains it all Wrapped-in, tight Yet, shielded from my eyes I can’t make… Continue reading

Happy and Bright

A Bright New Year is upon us once again. Big plans, big dreams are the inevitable intention from a holiday rife with overindulging and inactivity, beyond stuffing our faces and filling our glasses.… Continue reading


Wrapped up And waiting A glow illuminating within As Joy drifts and sparkles And all is enveloped Wrapped up And waiting Days nearing to be The Day of unveiled Magic A treasure beheld Wrapped… Continue reading

Marshmallow Magic

Every year, what I look forward to more than presents, turkey dinners or shoveling snow during the holiday season is the playing of Christmas music. Without fail, a new Christmas song pops up… Continue reading

Darth’s Accordion

Playful pose and fancy free lounging lovely earned esprit. Care-less craft and dancing dare wearing wonder sightless stare. Magic move and boldly bright jesting joker trading trite. Humor’s Ha and Gladden’s gift noted… Continue reading

Desiring More

Layered beneath shell lies a centre of wonder to be discovered. The unveiling is a conscious pursuit of more than we think we know.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku. Copyright: Friday, December 9,… Continue reading

The Happy Keeper

There is this lovely older woman at the gym named Lynn. But I’d like to call her the Happy Keeper. I have never met anyone like her. Every single time I see her,… Continue reading

Beneath the Magic

In the depth of your branches beneath the glowing lights You hold much more than a Christmas wish but years of magic moments a whisper of nostalgia that shines forth each season Bright… Continue reading

T’is the season for Bells

There’s nothing like the sound of festive Bells ringing. They signal the upcoming joy of the Christmas season by lifting the heart, cheering the spirit and making you smile. Try not to smile… Continue reading

Something Cheery

T’is the season Snow-bound fun Cozy fireplace Frost-glazed bun Steaming cocoa Sparkling eyes Generosity Reindeer flies Treasured smiles Merry heart Depth of Christmas All impart Shiny paper Coloured lights Come together On night… Continue reading