Standstill Day 7: Delighted

Trickling sparkle of feathery flakes a downy frost of motion. A chocolate break in this stiffness of still delightful thought ignited. Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Thursday, February 16, 2017. Image: Chocolate mug… Continue reading

Standstill Day 6: Thankful

When all seemed aggravatingly lost… when the great fear of lethargy, both physical and mental, had all but overtaken me, I am unexpectedly revived. And it feels damn good!   Paula Antonello Moore, Writing… Continue reading

Standstill Day 4: An Anxious Note

elevated high lifted to rest heart bleeds to rise frustration is guest anxiety swells panic awake mind muscle tries creative must break   Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, February 13, 2017. Image:… Continue reading

Standstill: Day 1

I fractured my ankle this week (Icy Feat, Sad). Beautiful cast and all. This temporary infirmity has shown me how so very much I despise the feeling of helplessness. A good time to write,… Continue reading

Icy Feat, Sad

The icy sheet lies beckoning adventure bold blade meets glassy frost The icy sheet hurt without warning, fall crashes pain bursts like a bomb The icy sheet lies stretched out shiny cold, these… Continue reading

Should have stayed

I should have stayed in bed today The morning wrenched Wrong footing Left of where I should have been I should have stayed in bed today The light was off A treaded path… Continue reading


I wish i could be by a sea oh so free a sunset in sight, as the night covered me i’d float like a boat, ore-less dance in sheer glee and hope i could cope… Continue reading


In the chill of winter when frost covers everything a cup of hot cocoa and some quiet can be… P e r f e c t i o n.   Paula Antonello Moore,… Continue reading

Sewing the Seeds

A tiny seed planted in gray, darkness surrounds, Spark in his way. Cannot ignore sewing this light, arms locked in arms, nothing seems right. Won’t dare give up Won’t dare give in Won’t… Continue reading

Set forth the flare

Magic and Mystery blended in one gazing potential eager to run with it before me nameless its grown anxious for fire something I’ll hone make more and push me jump up and soar… Continue reading