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Pumpkin & Charcoal

WE came together, a catch up full of meaning and frankness.  Its always as such, no airs, but airing, needed for a soul to carry on. Newness ‘round every moment, like Pumpkin and… Continue reading


It started in bleakness a sadness, upset, I needed a remedy action.   I walked heavy-footed in hopes there would show an uplift of cheery distraction.   The Café it beckoned. A corner… Continue reading

Gone from the Café

Someone has been lost in a worded phrase or thought, has drifted from me.   Though I truly try to hold attention firm, clear, I can’t always win.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku… Continue reading

Toasting in three

In a third marking ablaze in a multitude of images, words connected in thought driven by meaning, to make a place for rest, here to come back again with warm drink, to read, ponder an… Continue reading


Warning: I’m about to make a Confession… I never thought I would be so slave to it but I must admit, I am profoundly affected by “THE LIKE.” You know what I’m talking… Continue reading

An Invitation…

My son has given me a Writing challenge: “Invitation.” Use that word and write something. 🙂 So here it goes… Excitement awaits The lure of fanciful expectations Intertwine in a medley of anticipation… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to the Café!

Hooray! It’s The Expressible Café’s First Anniversary! It has been one year since I launched this Blog and I can barely believe it. When The Expressible Café opened in September 2013, I had… Continue reading

The Big City: immensely stimulating…

A trip to the Big City can awaken even the most uninspired writer. I recently took a train ride to Toronto. I used to live there some time ago and loved the vibrancy… Continue reading

DPchallenge: Dialogue

“What’s this?” she asked confused. “Look at it,” he replied with a slight smirk. She didn’t like that smirk. “It looks like jewelry,” she stated flatly. Suddenly she felt a shock in her… Continue reading