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So Much less than Now

In time, this passed into the heart a stirring awake of comfort a thread tugging at my spirit never to rest but rather, to steer that is where I remain Steered by the… Continue reading

Last glories

Splash of foamy white in swells of glee the upsurge carries squeals, raised in sigh the breaker marks the moment dissolves into squishy fun as longing for recurrence stirs in, swish and spray… Continue reading


In the darkness of rain A sweet song came alive In swirls of dancing steps In pitches of harmony I was swept away Emotion brimming On the edge of something grand A lifelong… Continue reading

Treasured Still

In a town of memories Carved into my heart Streets of bygone moments Coated ice cream and platform sight Treasured steps of fun Structures stable, once bold Shaded now in unknown hues Playful… Continue reading

The Sleepover

My cousin’s big sleepover party was near i couldn’t contain my excitement or fear it was very new, yes quite new just for me i’d never been over to sleep in such glee i’d… Continue reading

The Chill of Real

Today I’m free To dress and be With so much glee For fun. I’ll masquerade Keep up charade Won’t be afraid Til done. With makeup strewn A ghoulish goon Under full moon I… Continue reading

Come Dance with me

Come dance with me beneath the breeze let go…and play Come dance with me beneath the breeze set sail…and breathe Come dance with me beneath the breeze raise feet…and laugh Come dance with… Continue reading

“The world’s on fire Mommy!”

“The world’s on fire Mommy!” he said racing in the room. “Oh no its not,” I countered trying not to add to gloom. “It is, it is and elephants are falling from the… Continue reading