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A Merry-full Wanting

Broken in pieces a year this has been Holding our breath, and yet taking it in Covered up faces and constant wet hands Shutting up doors and vast empty dry lands Trying to… Continue reading

Let there Be…

Oh, let there be lazy and crazy delight The sparkle and chuckle of brightening the night And let you be dazzled, not frazzled in joy, The kind that winds up like an ol’… Continue reading

Marshmallow Magic

Every year, what I look forward to more than presents, turkey dinners or shoveling snow during the holiday season is the playing of Christmas music. Without fail, a new Christmas song pops up… Continue reading

T’is the season for Bells

There’s nothing like the sound of festive Bells ringing. They signal the upcoming joy of the Christmas season by lifting the heart, cheering the spirit and making you smile. Try not to smile… Continue reading


The grass is green outside my window and I don’t like it. It’s awful because this is December and we are supposed to be chilled by a frosty white. Snow for most of… Continue reading

Jingle without Dread

Hello Friends: Just a friendly Re-post to remind you to stay peaceful this holiday season. Cheers! —Paula Don’t lose your cool as you set out The fuss is everywhere, If shopping is what… Continue reading

All in Store

Countdown is on Or so they tell me Much to do still No snow I can see Gifts are hiding Locked from little ones Checklist ending Wrapping everyone’s Minding clock tick Busy steadily… Continue reading

Mounting Bright

  Mounting Merry Bundles build, Heavy hearted Thwarts the thrilled.   Chasing, captured, Lessening load, Freeing frenzy Bested bowed.   Storing secret Wrapping well Risky research Trade to tell.   Countdown crazy, Minding mark, Snowless sighting… Continue reading

Jingle without Dread

  Don’t lose your cool as you set out The fuss is everywhere, If shopping is what you must do Please calmly be prepared. The parking lots are packed up full No empty… Continue reading

Festive Season in Haiku

The Festive Season Brings joy to the heart and much Pain to the wallet. But the Memories Created are worth the smiles Gathered together. peekiequeen Haiku poetry, c. November 29, 2013 DP Challenge… Continue reading