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…and let me be swirling through colour of mind where nonsense is stable and stable is false and swaying and floating through messy and fear as nothing but colour can save me from… Continue reading

Le Cochon Dingue

He seemed fascinated, probably hungry too, She was with her family, watching what he‘d do. He had no idea, didn’t know she cared, He just kept on peeking, not inside he dared. But… Continue reading

Owl knows

I did not provoke them, these two here, you see was minding my business, and letting life be, when all of a sudden, no warning to share, they faltered and fell down, like… Continue reading


It’s all in my head the bubble filled i shake it round its not unwilled They stand steely tall a glint and wink They won’t reach out i barely blink But we’re all… Continue reading

The We of Me

Oh to rest with Me As me, I say, hey there, you “I hear you, me” how can we be me “because me is varied you,” why varied, me “because the facets range… Continue reading

The Carpenter Who Brought Candy

Hello Friends: Here is yet another re-post during chapter revisions. I hope you enjoy it…..Paula During the summer I turned 10, my neighbours next door renovated their house. There were contractors, plumbers, painters… Continue reading


It’s black right there i stare so dark no flare that’s rare soundless the air i share that’s good it’s where i care eyes closed my prayer aware to be i swear its… Continue reading

An Ode to Writers

Mat tatt an twittle dob This is our specific job Tink hink iz shuddle phry Writing things that make you cry. Wit blit oh tuttle foom We write to make ideas bloom Razz… Continue reading

Not Cursed

It wasn’t my intention to spill my breakfast bowl But if you knew the day I had, You’d know it hurt my soul. I wasn’t being playful or silly eating there I simply… Continue reading

Me and Sandra Bullock

Bright and lively actress Sandra Bullock was chosen by PEOPLE magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, a title she laughed at yet graciously played a long with. As a bright and lively… Continue reading